Where to Stay in Vienna 🇦🇹: Best Areas to Stay in Vienna + Hotels

I’ve written a full guide to the best areas to stay in Vienna to help you choose the perfect spot to suit your travels.

Our Pick of the Best Hotels in Vienna City 🏩

Elegant, historic and filled with cultural events, Vienna ranks high on many travelers’ bucket list.

Every corner of this city is unique in its own way and depending on what kind of vacation you are planning, you need to choose the right neighborhood to fully enjoy every day.

In this quick guide, I will list the best areas in Vienna and talk about the features of each one. Depending on how you are going to vacation: with your family, as a couple, or with a group of friends, one neighborhood will prove to be much better than the other.

Your Vienna experience will depend a lot on the district you stay in, so it pays to choose wisely.

Remember: Vienna is a very touristy place and accommodation prices can be high, especially during peak season. My advice is to always book accommodation in advance to have more choices and, most importantly, to find the best deals.

Quick Guide to the Best Areas in Vienna 📋

1. Innere Stadt (1st District) – Best Place to Stay in Vienna for the First Time 👀

🏰 Historic hub: Innere Stadt translates to «inner city» and this is where Vienna’s Old Town is located. This is the best place to stay if you only have a few days in Vienna.

Innere Stadt
Innere Stadt
Innere Stadt, Vienna
Innere Stadt
Innere Stadt


💎 The main attractions of Vienna are located here, such as:

  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral – this imposing cathedral is known for its colorful roofs and has been a symbol of the city for over 700 years.
  • Hofburg Palace – was the imperial residence of the Habsburgs for seven centuries and is now the official residence of the Austrian president.
  • Austrian National Library – is one of the largest libraries in the world, housing a unique collection of over 12 million rare books, manuscripts, maps and other exhibits.
  • Volksgarten is a beautiful park next to the Hofburg Palace, the perfect place to take a break.

🚶‍♂️ Walkable streets: Navigating the district proves simple thanks to its small size and largely walkable streets. Many sites sit within a 10-15 minute stroll from one another, with municipal trams and underground U-Bahn stations on hand for quick connections.

Although tourist crowds flock here, it’s easy to slip away from the bustle into quiet squares like Postgasse.

🎶 Musical nights: In the evening, you can round off a day of exploration with a concert at the Vienna Music Theater or enjoy a Mozart recital at the Vienna State Opera. As the imperial architecture sparkles with lights and the sounds of musical masterpieces waft through the streets, Vienna’s history truly comes alive.

💰 Centrally priced: As you might expect, there is a price to pay for the central location and convenience of the Innere Stadt. Accommodation in this area of Vienna is not the most budget-friendly option. However, it is still possible to find inexpensive accommodation here.

All hotels in Innere Stadt →

Where to Stay in Innere Stadt?

Expensive Hotels:

  • Rosewood Vienna – a luxury hotel with elegant interiors in a historic building.
  • The Ritz-Carlton – a fashionable hotel with luxurious rooms and first-class service.
  • Hotel Sacher Wien – a legendary hotel famous for its chocolate cake.

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

2. Neubau (7th District) – One of the Busiest Neighborhoods 🔥

🌃 Artsy hub: Neubau is one of Vienna’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods. If you’re a first-time visitor to Vienna, Neubau is an essential neighborhood for immersing yourself in the contemporary arts and culture scene.

📍 Central location: Located just west of the historic Old Town, Neubau is within walking distance of major attractions such as:

  • Museum Quarter – a sprawling complex with contemporary art museums, cafes and stores. Although not technically part of Neubau, the neighborhood is adjacent to it.
  • Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co KG is a great bookstore to wander around in.
  • Mariahilfestrasse is one of the best shopping streets in Vienna. It’s mostly pedestrianized, making it a pleasant place to stroll, even if you don’t plan on shopping.
  • Breite Gasse is a lively pedestrian area with bars, restaurants and street performers.

🚇 The area is also well connected by public transportation, with several U-Bahn subway stations along the main street Mariahilferstrasse.

🎨 Artisan roots: Neubau was once a center for artisans, but it still has an artsy vibe with chic boutiques, unique cafes and mesmerizing street art on every corner. Narrow side streets reveal hidden courtyards, and 19th-century residences now house fashion galleries, studios and stores.

Museum Quarter
Museum Quarter
Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co KG
Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co KG
Breite Gasse

The creative energy that fills Neubau makes a stroll through its streets a must for any newcomer looking to discover Vienna’s modern urban spirit.

All hotels in Neubau →

Where to Stay in Neubau?

Expensive Hotels:

  • Hotel Sans Souci Wien – an elegant boutique hotel in a historic building with exquisite interior design and personalized service.
  • Small Luxury Hotel Altstadt Vienna – small luxury hotel in the heart of the historic center of Vienna, offers a high level of comfort and service.
  • Hotel Am Brillantengrund – a chic boutique hotel in a picturesque location overlooking the Danube, has stylish rooms with panoramic windows.

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

3. Museum Quarter – Discover Vienna’s Modern Culture 🌟

🖼️ Artistic hub: The Museum Quarter, located in the historic part of Vienna, is a must-see for first-time visitors to the city. This lively area of over 60,000 square meters is home to impressive imperial architecture, housing world-class museums and contemporary art galleries.

🚝 Convenient access: The easiest way to get there is to take the metro to Volkstheater or Museumsquartier stations, which are within walking distance of the museums. After that, the entire neighborhood can be walked around on foot.

🎴 Cultural sights: The Museumsquartier is home to many cultural institutions, including:

  • Leopold Museum – Austria’s largest collection of modern art, featuring works by Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt
  • mumok – Vienna’s contemporary art museum with modern exhibitions and installations
  • Kunsthalle Wien – cutting-edge local and international contemporary art
  • Architekturzentrum Wien – exhibitions focusing on architecture and urban design

☕️ Lively courtyards: In between museums, the courtyards of this creatively lively neighborhood are home to trendy cafes, bars and street food vendors. On warm weekends, local DJs and musicians perform here, and visitors relax outdoors with a drink in hand. The atmosphere is energetic and artistic, especially on Thursday evenings when many museums are open late.

In short, the Museum Quarter with its imperial palaces and modern culture will give you an unforgettable Vienna experience.

All hotels in Museum Quarter →

Where to Stay in Museum Quarter?

Expensive Hotels:

  • Boutiquehotel Das Tyrol – premium boutique hotel with luxurious rooms in classic style and panoramic views of Vienna.
  • Hotel Gilbert – a cozy hotel in the center of the museum quarter with upscale service and sleek design.

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

  • Vienna Hotspot – A hostel with basic amenities, clean rooms and a friendly atmosphere at a reasonable price.
  • Pension Mozart - Newly Renovated 2021 – A recently renovated small hotel with a warm welcome and basic amenities for a low fee.
  • MQ Appartement – An economy apartment with simple furnishings and equipment, suitable for budget accommodation for short stays.

4. Wieden (4th District) – Best District of Vienna for Nightlife 💃🏻

🧡 Charming neighborhood: The Wieden neighborhood charms visitors with its vibrant mix of boutiques, cafes, galleries and historic architecture. While not as famous as landmarks such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the area is an attraction for those looking for local flavor.

👣 Easy to navigate: Getting around Viden is easy. The area of the neighborhood is only 0.7 square miles, making it very walkable. It’s located near major attractions like the Museum District and Opera House, so you can easily incorporate Wieden into a more extensive tour of the city.

🛍️ Shop and explore: Wander through the narrow streets to discover Wieden’s treasures. Highlights include:

  • Kolszyckigasse – a cobbled alleyway lined with cafes leading to Kolszycki Park
  • Karlskirche – the Baroque Charles Church is one of Vienna’s most important churches.
  • Naschmarkt is a Mecca for foodies, you can find everything here: fresh fruit, handmade cheeses, Austrian pastries and much more.

And if you want to add something a little quirky to your Vienna itinerary, visit the Rauchfangkehrermuseum (Chimney Sweep Museum).

🍴 Foodie heaven: If you’re hungry, Wieden will feed you well. Choose from cozy neighborhood taverns, nose-to-tail eateries, and French-Vietnamese fusion places.

🍻 Lively nightlife: Finally, Wieden is a lively area at night, and people come here to have drinks with friends or enjoy the good music DJs play in some of the bars.

Come here for a taste of the authentic Viennese lifestyle.

All hotels in Wieden →

Where to Stay in Wieden?

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

5. Mariahilf (6th District) – Where to Stay for the Local Vibe 🔮

👀 Must-see: The lively Mariahilf district beckons guests with its charming boutiques, cafes and old Viennese flavor. Thanks to the central location of the hotel, which is just a short walk or streetcar ride from major attractions such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace, getting to the city centre is easy.

🚏 Well-connected: The neighborhood borders the most famous First District on the east side. Excellent public transportation makes getting around the district easy. The U3 subway line has several stops in Mariahilfe, and streetcars 6, 49 and 42 connect attractions throughout Vienna.

🏘 Neighborhood gems: Despite being smaller than some of Vienna’s neighborhoods, Mariahilf has plenty of attractions. Highlights include:

  • Café Jelenik – One of Vienna’s old-school cafes, it has a «coffee at your grandmother’s house» atmosphere.
  • Haus des Meeres – an oceanarium with 10,000 species, including snakes, crocodiles and sharks, as well as a tropical corner.
  • VINTAGERIE – if you love 20th century modernism, be sure to check out this furniture and interior design store.

Also don’t miss Disco Volante, an unusual pizzeria with a mirror oven in the shape of a disco ball.

🕵️‍♂️ Undiscovered: In addition to the main attractions, Mariahilf suggests guests take their time and enjoy Vienna like a local. Tucked away boutiques, local designers and artisans, cozy cafes and hidden courtyards are waiting to be discovered.

The neighborhood is both full of energy and feels residential at the same time.

All hotels in Mariahilf →

Where to Stay in Mariahilf?

Expensive hotels:

  • Florian's apartments – elegant apartments in a historic building with an excellent location near the lively pedestrian street.
  • Studio Apartments Naschmarkt – Mai’s Apartments are luxurious premium apartments with panoramic views of the Naschmarkt.

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

6. Leopoldstadt (2nd District) – Best Vienna Neighborhood for Families 👪

🏘️ Historic hood: Leopoldstadt is a former Jewish neighborhood in Vienna. In recent years, it has been experiencing a revival as the Jewish community is returning to the neighborhood. At the same time it is becoming increasingly trendy.

🚇 Well-located: The Praterstern subway station of the U2 line is located inside the neighborhood and allows you to reach the main attractions of Leopoldstadt in 5 minutes.

🎡 Highlights include:

  • Wurstelprater Vergnügungspark – historic carnival rides, games and food stalls open from March to October.
  • Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel – 15 brightly colored gondolas offer stunning views.
  • Planetarium – fascinating shows in Vienna’s only planetarium as well as astronomy exhibitions.

Don’t pass by Madame Tussauds Museum in Vienna, the largest wax museum outside of London.

🚴‍♂️ Bikeable: Thanks to its flat topography and grid layout, the neighborhood has excellent pedestrian and cycling accessibility. Key streets such as Praterstrasse and Carmelitermarkt are lined with stores, cafes and restaurants, perfect for leisurely strolls.

From here you can also reach the

  • Austrian Museum of Applied Arts,
  • Freud Museum,

and the Augarten Park with playgrounds, sports fields and cultural events.

Take at least a day to see the highlights of this vibrant and historic Viennese neighborhood.

All hotels in Leopoldstadt →

Where to Stay in Leopoldstadt?

Expensive hotels:

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

7. Landstrasse (3rd District) – Where to Stay on a Budget 💸

🌇 Central living: Vienna’s 3rd district has a lot to love about it. To start with, it offers a fairly central place to live in Vienna at a better price than the first district.

💎 Beautiful buildings: In the Landstrasse, you’ll find many baroque buildings and beautiful architecture. Here you will find the Hundertwasser House, one of Vienna’s most photographed architectural gems. The beautiful Botanical Gardens are also located here.

🗺 Well-connected: The area has excellent public transportation connections:

  • U4 subway line
  • Streetcars 1, 2, D, 71
  • Many bus routes

Stops are no more than a block or two away from the house, so getting around the city is very easy.

✈️ Traveler’s choice: This is very convenient if you are flying in or out. Also, staying in the third neighborhood puts you in close proximity to Vienna’s major attractions, such as the

  • Karlskirche,
  • Wiener Staatsoper,

and the unique

Wiener Staatsoper

🍞 Tasty treats: There are plenty of bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Be sure to stop by the Josephbrot vom Pheinstein café for the best bread of your life. It also serves a delicious brunch.

Families, solo travelers and couples will all find something to enjoy in the Third District.

All hotels in Landstrasse →

Where to Stay in Landstrasse?

Medium price category:

Budget options:

  • Vienna 1030 Apartment – Spacious apartment with full kitchen and all amenities, good location close to the center.
  • Space Home Apartment – modern apartment in a historic building in the heart of Vienna, ideal for longer stays.
  • Kardinal Studios – inexpensive studios with basic amenities, a good option for young people and budget travelers.

8. Margareten (5th District) – Take a Break from the Crowds of the City Centre 🌳

🏡 Affordable area: Margarten is a middle-class neighborhood. It has a reputation for «bobo», which in Viennese slang means «bohemian bourgeois».

🏛️ Architecture heaven: If you love (or want to see) great Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) architecture, this is a great neighborhood for that. Staying in Margareten is a great way to save money on accommodation without sacrificing convenience. From Pilgramgasse, it’s about a 20-minute walk to Museumsplatz. The subway ride takes less than 15 minutes.

🎉 Seasonal fun: The neighborhood also hosts seasonal events like summer film festival Filmfest am Karmelitermarkt and the Freiraum Festival celebrating art and open society values through concerts, discussions, and beyond.

🚶‍♂️ Mostly residential: Overall, it’s not the most inspiring neighborhood, except for the Margaretenplatz/Schlossquadrat neighborhood. There are good restaurants and a few boutiques in this part of the neighborhood. It is also close to Wieden and Mariahilf.

Nevertheless, it is a good option if you are on a budget.

All hotels in Margareten →

Where to Stay in Margareten?

Medium price category:

Budget hotels:

  • 7brunnen Hostel & Guest House – A budget hostel with friendly staff and free tea/coffee, located near the train station.
  • Space Home Apartment – an economy apartment near the central station, suitable for unpretentious travelers.
  • Madina Apartment – Apartment with compact but cozy rooms at an affordable price in the Margareten district.

9. Josefstadt (8th District) – Tiny and Convenient Neighborhood 👍🏻

🌇 Charming hood: As one of Vienna’s smallest neighborhoods, Josefstadt feels almost like a quaint village in the bustling capital.

😎 Hip yet affordable: It adjoins Neubau to the south, and here you can get a bit of the «hipster vibe» without the high prices. Being just west of the City Hall, the neighborhood is convenient to the Volksgarten, Hofburg and museum quarters.

🎭 Theater central: Theater lovers flock to the area for the Josefstadt Theater, where operettas and plays are performed. In between performances, you can sit in cafes such as the

  • Cafe Eiles
  • Cafe Benno
  • Tunnel Vienna Live

and admire the elegant Biedermeier architecture.

Josefstadt has more of a local residential feel than Neubau. Overall, it’s a cute and quaint neighborhood that’s very convenient. And since it’s not the most upscale neighborhood, it’s also a bit cheaper.

All hotels in Josefstadt →

Where to Stay in Josefstadt?

Expensive hotels:

  • Hotel Josefshof am Rathaus – an elegant boutique hotel in a historic 19th-century building with upscale service and sophisticated interiors.
  • Hotel Zipser – A modern hotel in the center of Vienna offering luxurious rooms with panoramic views of the city.
  • DaunTown Rooms – stylish premium apartments with fully equipped kitchens and home comforts.

Medium price range:

Budget hotels:

  • Pension Lehrerhaus – a small hotel with simple but cozy rooms and friendly staff.
  • Pension Madara – a guest house with basic amenities, ideal for budget travelers.

10. Ottakring (16th District) – Best to Feel Like a Local 🎴

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Local living: Ottakring is a traditionally immigrant and working class neighborhood. For the average tourist, Ottakring is probably too far from the center and most attractions to be a convenient choice.

🚏 Off the beaten path: If you’re more interested in seeing Vienna like a local and don’t mind taking public transportation, Ottakring may be a good option.

🏆 Some of the main attractions not to be missed in the area include the following:

  • Ottakringer Brewery – take a behind-the-scenes tour of this legendary Viennese brewery, founded in 1837.
  • Wilhelminenberg Hill – take a cable car up this 1,000-foot-high hill for panoramic views of the city.

Also, don’t miss the KunstModeDesign Herbststrasse design school.

🕺 Lively: Aside from the main attractions, much of Ottakring’s appeal lies in strolling through its vibrant neighborhoods. Stroll through the multicultural Brunnenmarkt neighborhood, teeming with Turkish, African and Middle Eastern restaurants and stores. Or explore the hipster cafes, coffee shops, galleries and boutiques around Yppenplatz.

🎶 As night falls, Ottakring comes alive with an array of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues to choose from. Listen to live music at one of the area’s concert venues and underground clubs.

All hotels in Ottakring →

Where to Stay in Ottakring?

Medium price category:

  • Hotel Schwalbe – a cozy hotel with a homely atmosphere and a magnificent view of the Vienna Woods.
  • Vienna Living Apartments – elegant apartments in a historic building with a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Fleger Appartements – apartments in the heart of Ottakring with panoramic views of the city.

Budget hotels:

  • Haberlgasse – comfortable apartments with a homely feel and a convenient location close to the subway.
  • DOWA Apartments Thaliastrasse – spacious apartments with a kitchen and stylish interior design at a reasonable price.

Best Hotels Near Vienna Airport 🛫

Alright, let’s explore 3 fantastic hotels near Vienna Airport:

💎 Convenience and luxury: NH Vienna Airport Conference Center

Tucked right by Vienna International Airport, NH Vienna Airport Conference Center offers a blend of convenience and luxury. Imagine stepping off your flight and strolling straight into a modern, stylish hotel. The hotel boasts sleek and contemporary design, providing a welcoming atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door.

And if you’ve had a long day of travel or business meetings, the wellness area with a sauna and fitness center provides the perfect remedy.

💃🏻 Vibrant and energetic: MOXY Vienna Airport

If you’re after a more vibrant and energetic vibe, MOXY Vienna Airport is your go-to choice. This trendy hotel redefines the conventional hotel experience with its bold design and youthful atmosphere.

The communal spaces are dynamic, featuring a lively bar where you can mingle with fellow travelers and locals alike. The hotel organizes events and activities, creating a lively community feel.

🕊 Calm and affordable: Das Reinisch Just Rooms

If a more intimate setting is your preference, Das Reinisch Just Rooms is the hidden gem near Vienna Airport. This boutique hotel, situated in Schwechat, offers a tranquil escape without compromising on accessibility.

Unlike larger hotels, Das Reinisch Just Rooms emphasizes personalized service, ensuring that you feel more like a welcomed guest than a mere traveler passing through. It’s the ideal choice for those who appreciate the quieter side of travel.

In conclusion, these three hotels near Vienna airport cater to different preferences, ensuring that whether you’re a business traveler or someone who appreciates classic elegance, there’s a perfect match for you.

Map of Vienna, Austria 🗺

FAQ: Vienna for Tourists ❔

What part of Vienna is best to stay in?

The inner districts like Innere Stadt are best areas to stay in Vienna, as they put you right in the middle of historic tourist sights, beautiful architecture, and cultural attractions. However, some quieter outer districts like Mariahilf or Neubau are also worth considering.

Where to avoid staying in Vienna?

You will want to avoid the more remote industrial outskirts, where there will not be much to see or do. Places right near transport hubs like Westbahnhof can also be noisy and less charming.

What is the hippest part of Vienna?

The hippest, most vibrant part of Vienna at the moment is the nascent Naschmarkt district. This newly revitalized neighborhood around the colorful fruit and vegetable market contains trendy restaurants, fashionable boutiques, hip coffeehouses and an artsy, eclectic vibe.

Is it safe to walk in Vienna at night?

Vienna is generally quite safe, even for solo nighttime walks. However common sense still applies, and sticking to better-lit major streets in the Inner City districts will minimize any risk.

Where do locals go in Vienna?

To experience places where locals spend their time in Vienna, make sure to visit the open-air Heurigen wine taverns on the outskirts of town, beautiful public parks like Stadtpark during nice weather, the buzzing Naschmarkt area, and the less touristy cafe and restaurant districts like Spittelberg.